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Here are some pictures taken by, and copyrighted, Kreg D. Ulery at the Glen 50/50.

Above is mid race, J.D. Windsor's '72 S (with 2.7) and my neighbor and Porsche collector Roy Waltzer's 914-6GT with 2.5, setting up to pass me.


Above is late in the race, Jim Rench's '74 3.0 RSR trying to get by (unsuccessfully!!). Bill Ferguson's original 1974 IROC Carrera RSR, originally driven in IROC by ALLISON, did get by and held me up as I could not re-pass him later in the race though I had a great chance at the heel of the boot when he missed a shift...



Above is a nice 917 owned by Amalfi racing.


See you later!!!! (I gotta catch those 2 winged 935s!!!)

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