A picture of Jon, Ed, and Phil @ aNaLoG.MaN

Here are Jon, Ed, and Phil checking out some wahs at Analog.Man before their show right here in Danbury, CT.

Ed Mundell @ aNaLoG.MaN

Ed Mundell checks out a Geoffrey Teese RMC3 Elite wah, with my '78 Ibanez strat. Ed joined monster magnet as Lead guitarist around 1993. Phil bought this Teese wah.

Phil Caivano @ aNaLoG.MaN

Phil Caivano, the new guitarist who joined this year, checks out some cool wahs. He now owns this FUNKY purple Foxx Fuzz/wah/volume/octave pedal. Phil uses an Ibanez tubescreamer that I modified to 808 specs with brown option live. He keeps it on all the time! Ed also uses one - he kicks it on for leads. Phil uses his RMC3 Teese wah along with a new Crybaby that I modified with a Teese RMCG board, true bypass, and a Teese ROC POT. He also uses an old 70s crybaby with TDK inductor that I modified for true bypass and ROC pot. Phil plays mostly Gibson SG guitars with P-90s.

Jon playing, with Ed and Phil @ aNaLoG.MaN

Here is Jon Kleiman (the drummer!) wailing on the Strat. Jon bought a really cool cheezy fuzz called the Kadent Treble-Fuzz. He's into the garage band sounds. Jon has been in Monster Magnet since the 1st CD I believe. He also plays some killer country licks on guitar!!!


Get ready for absolute mayhem everyone. Monster Magnet hits the road with Aerosmith on September 9. This tour only runs through the month of September, but don't fret, the party's just begun. Continuing along this string of awesome touring, Monster Magnet begins their tour with Rob Zombie on October 6. I believe Dave Wyndorf's sentiments on their touring capabilities pretty much sums it up, "Monster Magnet is going to be out there with nothing less than a f_cking thermo-nuclear light show on command, and all our dicks will be in hot dog buns. It's time to rock." Metal Edge-June issue

With their impending explosion of popularity, Monster Magnet has already begun to invade newsstands, appearing in multiple magazines. Check out the most recent Monster Magnet features in Vibe, Guitar World, Seconds, Detour and High Times. I would also like to point out one very surprising turn of events in the Monster Magnet popularity surge, MTV has finally joined the party and has made Monster Magnet's "Space Lord" video buzzworthy. Finally Monster Magnet is being played on MTV on a regular basis as it always should have been.

For all you hungry Monster Magnet fans looking for various other Monster Magnet music, check out the Depeche Mode Tribute album, "For The Masses" and you will be pleasantly surprised. Sifting through the various bands covering classic Depeche Mode songs you will find an amazing version of the song "Black Celebration" performed by Monster Magnet.

3/99 : Monster Magnet is now on the road with Marilyn Manson, as HOLE has pulled out they are getting some real notice!!!

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